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Welcome to Arrow!

Arrow Bicycle meets the needs of all cycling enthusiasts, from families to professional riders, triathletes, road racers, mountain bikers, children and adults of all ages.
Arrow Bicycle carries bicycles from Giant, Norco, Felt, Pegoretti, Intense and Van Dessel. We also sell clothing and accessories from Shimano, Bell, Giro, Saris, Thule and many more.
At Arrow Bicycle, we are commited to providing outstanding customer satisfaction through superior customer service. Our knowledgeable sales staff will assist with purchasing the right bicycle for you. We offer all ranges of mechanical services from our friendly and qualified service team. In addition to sales and service we offer group rides and different levels of fit services.

Stop by and let the professionals at Arrow Bicycle help you experience cycling to its fullest. 

Ebike Mainetenance

Take care of your investment

Ebikes have grown immensely in popularity in recent years. However, many our left to wonder how best to maintain this new type of bicycle. Ebike maintenance can be intimidating due to the electrical and motor components of the bike, but it is absolutely necessary to keep your bike functioning well. There is actually quite a bit of ebike maintenance you can confidently and easily do at home. However, our service department is also always here to help!

Balance Bikes - The perfect start to cycling

Why Balance Bikes are a Good Start to Cycling

Did you know the first bike was actually a push bike? That it simply had two wheels, no pedals? Karl Drais designed it in Germany in 1817. And while the bike has evolved quite a bit in the last 201 years, an argument could be made that the essence of the bike is the same today as it was two centuries ago: two wheels and a seat. At least, that’s the argument that one of the first developers of balance bikes, Ryan McFarland likes to make. If you have a kid, or just live on planet earth near kids, you’ve seen a balance bike. It’s the super-fun looking kids' bike with a low seat and no pedals. You'll commonly see little kids use these bikes to rip sidewalks, pump tracks and even single track before they can handle a pedal bike. Like many great inventions, McFarland created a balance bike out of necessity and frustration.

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Thanks to our customers we have a 5 Star Google and Yelp Rating. We love to hear your feedback along with all of the praise. We love helping you and making your cycling experience worth every penny!

It's a Security Blanket For Your Bike!

Ride Worry Free

We've got a great protection plan that will keep your bike functioning like new. The plan provides 100-percent parts and labor coverage for virtually every component on your bike, including your drivetrain, brakes and gears. Contact us today for plan terms and conditions.