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Welcome to Arrow!

Arrow Bicycle meets the needs of all cycling enthusiasts, from families to professional riders, triathletes, road racers, mountain bikers, children and adults of all ages.
Arrow Bicycle carries bicycles from Giant, Norco, Felt, Pegoretti, Intense and Van Dessel. We also sell clothing and accessories from Shimano, Bell, Giro, Saris, Thule and many more.
At Arrow Bicycle, we are commited to providing outstanding customer satisfaction through superior customer service. Our knowledgeable sales staff will assist with purchasing the right bicycle for you. We offer all ranges of mechanical services from our friendly and qualified service team. In addition to sales and service we offer group rides and different levels of fit services.

Stop by and let the professionals at Arrow Bicycle help you experience cycling to its fullest. 

Make the most of your recovery rides

What is a recovery ride?

Recovery rides are rides devoted to just taking it easy and spinning your legs to get the blood flowing. This increase of blood flow goes a long way in helping you recover more quickly from hard training days. Recovery rides are simple to do and – when done correctly – they can speed you up on your more intense rides. However, you need to do your recovery rides right in order not to inhibit your recovery and make your next long ride slower.

Tips for teaching Anxious Kids to Ride

Teaching kids the love of cycling

You love cycling and hope very much your child will share that love. However, the thought of balancing on two wheels may make your kid extremely nervous. If you're honest, you may be quite nervous as well. We know falls happen when on a bike, and we hate to see our kids get hurt - even if it's a minor scrape. If you have an anxious kid, we have a few tips for teaching him or her how to ride a bike.

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Thanks to our customers we have a 5 Star Google and Yelp Rating. We love to hear your feedback along with all of the praise. We love helping you and making your cycling experience worth every penny!

It's a Security Blanket For Your Bike!

Ride Worry Free

We've got a great protection plan that will keep your bike functioning like new. The plan provides 100-percent parts and labor coverage for virtually every component on your bike, including your drivetrain, brakes and gears. Contact us today for plan terms and conditions.